Тренировочные тестыпо математике 9 класс

Prefix string attached to the class of every element generated by the plugin selector: Must match a simple pattern. Select your animation type, "fade" or "slide" easing: Determines the easing method used in jQuery transitions. Select the sliding direction, "horizontal" or "vertical" reverse: Reverse the animation direction animationLoop: Should the animation loop?

If false, directionNav will received "disable" classes at either end smoothHeight: Allow height of the slider to animate smoothly in horizontal mode startAt: The slide that the slider should start on. Animate slider automatically slideshowSpeed: Set the speed of the slideshow cycling, in milliseconds animationSpeed: Set the speed of animations, in milliseconds initDelay: Set an initialization delay, in milliseconds randomize: Pause the slideshow when interacting with control elements, highly recommended.

Pause the slideshow when hovering over slider, then resume when no longer hovering useCSS: Slider will use CSS3 transitions if available touch: Allow touch swipe navigation of the slider on touch-enabled devices video: Create navigation for paging control of each clide? Leave true for manualControls usage directionNav: Set the text for the "previous" directionNav item nextText: Allow keyboard navigation to affect multiple sliders. Default behavior cuts out keyboard navigation with more than one slider present.

Set the text for the "pause" pausePlay item playText: Declare which container the navigation elements should be appended too. Default container is the FlexSlider element.

Property is ignored if given element is not found. Declare custom control navigation. Mirror the actions performed on this slider with another slider. Box-model width of individual carousel items, including horizontal borders and padding. Margin between carousel items.

Minimum number of carousel items that should be visible. Items will resize fluidly when below this. Maxmimum number of carousel items that should be visible. Items will resize fluidly when above this limit.

Number of carousel items that should move on animation. If 0, slider will move all visible items. Главная Сведения об ОО Условия обучения Дополнительные сведения Доступная среда Коллектив школы Учеба Начальная школа Старшая школа ЕГЭ ОГЭ Воспитательная работа Контактная информация Методическая копилка Предложения по сайту Карта сайта.

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